How to Manage Business Schedule Using Google Calendar

It is worrying how many businesses are not able to meet their goals due to ineffective follow-up of their schedule. Businesses such as Fredericksburg tree service have been able to serve their customers better because of the effective use of business scheduling using Google Calendar.  Business management involves the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the activities of businesses towards set objectives and goals.  These activities aim at maintaining a more efficient and effective workflow of the business. A business schedule can be referred to as an outlined plan for the activities to be carried out in any profit gaining activity. Giving the layout of events and time that are to take place is essential for any business activity. It dictates what, how, and when to be done.

Google calendar is one of the most efficient ways to manage a business schedule. It is a mobile application and web time manager created by Google. Before any use, it’s a requirement that you have a Google account. Users can set the days they want to be displayed in their custom view mode made possible by the Ajax-driven interface.

Google calendar be accessed at any location of the world as long as you have access to the internet. The procedure is as follows to opening a google calendar is:

  • Open the Google Calendar and click on any empty time without an event and enter your details, then choose the calendar you want to add if you have multiple calendars.
  • Click on the Create button or edit button if you want to make changes to a previous event.
  • For longer events, time is selected by dragging the device pointer downwards while on time selection. If need be, these events can be altered, added, or removed even without reloading your page.

Activity Planning

There are weekly, agenda, and monthly modes of view for the Google Calendar. The number of days to show the custom events can be set as required. The daily activities of the business can be easily monitored by adding them into the tool of daily “To Do” task, which can be shared either with the public or private addresses.

The Google Calendar has been integrated with Gmail and iGoogle wherein a case of an email containing such words like meeting and date gets an automatic add to events on the calendar. Data can also be exported from the Google calendar to private and public addresses which can be used to send data and information to an organization. It is also possible to create a calendar for a group of people.

With the current technology of Google calendar, it’s possible to synchronize your calendar with other third-party software such that you can access your events even with other software and applications. Google calendar is supported by the iOS operating system, WebOS, and Android phones and tablets. Since it is a web-based application, it is compatible with any operating system.

In cases where there are no storage facilities like hard drives for the activities of the business, data can’t be lost as it is stored in the cloud. It is very convenient for businesses as it helps keep businesses connected despite distances. It is a very affordable service with easy navigation and a low-cost investment even for small businesses

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