How to Hire the Right Chef

chefHiring the best chefs is one of the biggest challenges any hotel management faces. Finding chefs who are competent, highly motivated and hardworking can be a very challenging task. Despite these challenges, it doesn’t mean that this task can be realized. A good chef trains new staff and oversees the whole cooking experience. He develops menus and provides vital inputs to the marketing team on issues affecting restaurants.

Most people who have a culinary degree have the basic qualification to prepare high-quality foods. However, preparing high-quality meals is not enough. To hire the right chef, you need to look at the following issues;


A good chef must have even temperament. The way your chef reacts in different scenarios will play a key role in determining how the rest of the staff feel, as well as how customers are treated. You need to look for someone who is calm and collected and can work under pressure. They should be able to keep the kitchen running efficiently at the highest level of cool.

Ability to Train

Experienced and highly qualified chefs should be able to train other chefs. They need to be good educators and trainers. They are responsible for showing other staff how to prepare meals and work with various equipment. They should also be able to teach other members of staff how to prepare different menus as well.

Eye for Quality

Chefs need to set standards when it comes to kitchen matters. It is important to have someone who is willing to go above board to deliver the best meals with a keen high for the quality. Hire a chef who expects only the best from other members of staff as well as ensuring customers get the highest level of satisfaction. Regardless of how great the ambiance is, atmosphere or presentation, food needs to be prepared in time and properly.

Attention to details

On top of everything a chef does, they are responsible for being oriented to details. They should be able to write specials, contribute to menus and read to get every detail customer needs. When it comes to ordering food produce, they need to ensure that whatever is ordered is at the right quantities to avoid products going bad or understocking. Chefs need to be tech-savvy and have basic computer skills. They should be proficient in basic packages such as Excel spreadsheets. It may take time to hire the best chef, but it is worth it.

Guide to Preparing the Best Cocktails

cocktailsAny guide to making cocktails will mostly list the ingredients that you need to make a particular type of drink. However, all cocktails are not created equal. The right ingredients and equipment are key to making cocktails to be tasty and outstanding. If you need to make the best cocktails, it is important that you get the mixing right. We have gone to the depth to research on what it takes to prepare the best cocktails.

Here is what you need to get right.

Mixing Ingredients

Making cocktails involves a careful combination of the right ingredients as well as experimenting on different stuff. There are different types of alcohol that can be used in making cocktails.  Nearly all cocktails are a product of vodka and rum. Some of the best drinks, be it rum and coke or vodka are made from very simple ingredients. If you need to make classic martinis, gin is a very popular option.


You need to get garnishing and extras right. Any guide to making cocktails will tell you that most mixed drinks achieve a great taste from garnishing. You should also try your best to keep your drinks fresh and interesting. You should also try to make cocktails from fruits and vegetables.  The most common garnishing products you will need include; olives, cocktail onions, lemons, lime, maraschino cherries and a bottle of bitters.


A shot of glass and a mug will not be enough for just shaking and sharing your drinks. You need to research and invest in the right type of ingredients that can help you in making the right cocktails. Use these ingredients to mix cocktails with precision. Using these tools properly ensures that you get excellent drinks. You don’t want to serve your customers with a drink that has too much ice where taste has been washed away by water. If it has too much vodka, it will be undrinkable. Note that clear cocktails are usually stirred. Cloudy cocktails are usually shaken. You can ask your customers if they prefer martinis shaken or stirred.

Choose spirits that your guests and customers will love. The basic mixers you will need include carbonated water, lemon-lime seltzers, tonic water, and ginger ale. For garnishes, ensure you have the likes of cherries, olives, lime, and lemon. To keep your cocktails cool and refreshing, you will need to have ice. Ensure that you have the right selection of glassware. You will also need various bar tools.



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